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Plastic Bottle Collection

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless." Sherry Anderson


Volunteers make ours Club priceless. One way to volunteer is to assist with the plastic bottle collection within the park at designated areas. The bottle collection is a fund raising program for the Club. Members can visit Sign Up Genius to volunteer and the instructions below will be of assistance:

  • Collection bags and gloves are located in the Club locker at the courts.
  • Fills bags completely. If you find bags which are half full in the shed, please combine them.
  • Take out anything that is not a plastic drink bottle with a recycling code.
  • Secure all bags properly.
  • Volunteer collection days run from Sunday through to Saturday.
  • Please try and inspect collection bins every second day and every day from January to March.
  • Let the Club Secretary, Julie Nosko at lot #257 or another executive member know when supplies are low.

There are a total of 8 collection bin sites and one storage area:

Four are by the garbage bins:

    1. By lot #27
    2. By lot #72
    3. By lot #114
    4. Back of the Recreational Building

The other four are located at these areas:

    1. Tennis Courts,
    2. Pickleball Courts,
    3. Ballroom, and
    4. Pool area

The storage shed is located behind the dog park and garbage collection between lot #72 and #74.

Executive Committee Point of Contact: Julie Nosko (Lot #257), should you have any questions about our plastic bottle collection initiative.

Click this link for a printable copy of the instructions Bottle Collection Instructions_Jan 22 2023