Court Schedule

How We Play

Register to Play

Players MUST use SUG to book a court and play on the Silveridge RV Park pickleball courts for all sessions except round robin and Club All Play. This requirement applies to members and non-members of the Club, which is essential to ensure social distancing is followed and avoiding larger congregations of players. At this time outside groups cannot play pickleball at Silveridge per Park rules.

Court Reservation

A court reservation can be used by 2 people who want to play as singles on 1 court. The individual reserving the court must keep a record of the first and last name of the other players on their court for contact tracing purposes.

Doubles Play

Silveridge Pickleball Club (Club) strongly recommends you establish a small group (2-10) of players, i.e. a “trusted circle”, who you believe are adhering to responsible social distancing and virus protection practices on and off the court.  Then, whenever you play, you always partner with someone from your trusted circle. You may play against opponents outside your trusted circle if you wish. However, the Club recommends that you don’t partner with players outside your trusted circle.

Not in a trusted circle yet? email your name and skill level to and we will assist you in establishing your trusted circle.

SUG Instructions

  • Only one individual need reserve a court. This individual becomes the “reserving member”.
  • The reserving member must maintain a record (first and last name) of their other players.
  • A reserving member can book a court on behalf of 2 to 6 players maximum.
  • A reserving member cannot book two courts during the same play time.
  • A reserving member and members of the same group cannot make back-to-back reservations (i.e. for 2 consecutive time slots) unless a court is still unreserved 1 hour prior to play. This allows all members a chance to book a court and play.
  • Time slots will be displayed up to 14 days in advance on SUG. Subject to change at any time.
  • The reserving member shall be responsible for their group and ensure the Silveridge Pickleball Club COVID-19 Safe Pickleball Plan is adhered on their court.
  • Only the reserving member will be able to cancel the reservation or make changes.
  • If your circumstances change and you won’t be able to utilize your reservation, please promptly cancel your time slot in order to free up the space for others!
  • Book privileges may be temporarily suspended for repeated 'no-shows' or misuse of the rules.

Review the available court times below and click the "Sign Up" box and then don’t forget to also click the “Submit and Sign Up” button at the bottom of your screen to reserve a court.

If you encounter difficulty, please contact for assistance.


Our Programs

Below is a definition of each program and how it works.

Arrange Own Game

Club members use SUG to book a court and play with other players – maximum of 6 players per court. If a player doesn't register, they must give up the court to someone who has a reservation.

Club All Play

Open to all Silveridge Pickleball Club (Club) members of all skill levels. (Note: see our Club’s recommendation regarding doubles play above). At this time, no court reservation is required for Club All Play.

Friday Night Social

Open to all Club members of all skill levels. (Note: see our Club’s recommendation regarding doubles play above). At this time, no court reservation is required for Club All Play.

Bring your lawn chair, beverage and food (do not share food or drinks with others) and maintain the 6 feet rule while socializing with others.

Group Level Round Robin Play, 75+ Group and Ladies League Play

All three programs will use the round robin cohort format play and is for members at a specific level.

Players receive an email from Sign Up Genius (SUG) to play and must register as an individual player.

Teams or players are assigned a number and play with and against a variety of other teams/players.

The round robin format sheet will indicate the court a team/player will play on for one game. After each game, teams/players check the round robin sheet for the court number of their next game.

There are established play times for each group and players receive an email inviting them to go to SUG to register to play during their specific skill level session.

Cohort Format:

  • The Cohort method will be used while following the required social distancing and proper hygiene COVID-19 rules.
  • The maximum number of individuals in a cohort will be 20 players.
  • These 20 players will have the opportunity to register and play each other in a doubles format.
  • The maximum number of players at the court during one session will be 20.

The Round Robin Captain is responsible for determining play and player format as well as ensuring COVID-19 social distancing and sanitizing guidelines are followed. The Captain will maintain a list of participants in case contact tracing is required. The captain will recommend moving up or down in level of play if needed.

Mixed Doubles

The team of two Club members (one male and one female) use SUG to book a court.  You partner with the same person but play different couples each game. Include name of partner in the comments box when you sign up. 

Open Play

Open to all pickleball players who are not Club members. Club members are also welcome to reserve court time during Open Play sessions. Use SUG to book a court. If a player doesn't register, they must give up the court to someone who has a reservation.