Court Schedule

The Silveridge RV Resort has eight courts available for the Silveridge Pickleball Club to schedule play sessions for the club members and guests of the Silveridge RV Resort.

This court schedule takes effective on February 6, 2024.

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How We Use SignUpGenius

As a member of the Club, we invite you to use SignUpGenius (SUG) for signing up to participate in our organized play and events or to be a volunteer for the volunteer opportunities.

How do I sign-up to participate?

You have three ways to access these sign-ups:

  1. Visit your group skill level Pickle Page (see list below) when you wish to sign-up. Also, remember to save the link in your internet browser for ease of locating it again.
  2. Use the SignUpGenius app on your mobile phone or tablet/iPad. In “My Sign Ups” you will find all the sessions you can sign-up to attend.
  3. On the SignUpGenius website, log in to your SUG account: under the "Sign-ups I've Been Invited To" you will find sessions you can sign-up to attend. Click here to log in to your SUG account.

Members will only be able to sign-up for the events they have access to.

There will not be email invites sent out for our organized play or events. However, you will receive a reminder email for events you've signed up to attend. If you don’t receive emails from SUG, please look in your Junk Email or Spam and add to your contacts to ensure the emails are not blocked.

Your SUG account makes it easy to view sessions you can attend and delete a sign-up if you can’t make a session you’ve signed up for. If you have problems with your SUG account, please contact them at

We have made the play sessions accessible 7 days in advance. Clinics and tournaments will be accessible 14 days in advance. The number of available slots is visible once you click on the specific sign-up.

Signed up to participate in a session/event and you need to cancel? You have a couple of options:

  1. On the group skill level Pickle Page, visit the event you need to delete your name from. At the top of the event page you will see “Already Sign Up? change my sign up”. Click on the “change my sign up” button. Use the “Send yourself an email link that will allow you to edit your sign up item”. In the email you receive, click on “Click Here To Edit”, which takes you to the sign up and you can “Delete” your name.
  2. Log in to your SignUpGenius (SUG) account or using the SUG app: this is where you will find "Items I’ve Signed Up For", which is all sessions you've signed up to attend. If using the SUG app, go into the event and simply click on the “Delete” button to remove your name. On the SUG website you can either click on the X (Delete this item) in the “action” box to the right side or go in to the event and click on the “X” beside your name.

If you have trouble with a sign-up or have any Club related questions, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Group Skill Level Pickle Pages

Click on the link below to access your group skill level events and more.

Group 1&2 Pickle Page

Group 2.5 Pickle Page

Group 3 Pickle Page

Group 3.25 Pickle Page

Group 3.5 Pickle Page

Group 4+ Pickle Page


How We Play

Our Scheduled Play

Our court schedule is developed with different types of scheduled play for our members to participate in, which you will see listed below.

Sign Up Genius

Our Club uses Sign Up Genius (SUG) to manage scheduled play, drills, tournaments and other club events. Members will use their SignUpGenius account to sign up to play pickleball, and modify or delete events they have signed up to attend.



Our Scheduled Play

Below is a definition of each program and how it works.

Arrange Own Game

Club members use Sign Up Genius (SUG) to book a court and play other members – maximum of 8 players per court. If a member doesn't book a court on SUG, they must give up the court to someone who has booked the court.

Ball Machine

For Club members to book and use the ball machine to practice and develop skills. Visit SUG to book the pickleball machine for practice and skill enhancement. Up to 6 people can use the ball machine during one booking time. A pickleball ball machine coordinator will be present to assist with set up and operation. Please do not infringe on another’s practice time unless invited to participate by the booking member.


Clinics are scheduled periodically for Silveridge Pickleball Club (Club) members during the season. Visit SUG to register. Sign-up will be available 2 weeks prior. The clinics are designed to assist players in advancing their pickleball skills. You are strongly encouraged to attend the entire session. Typically, the clinic instructors are high level Club members who happily volunteer their time. If no clinics are scheduled, then the designated court(s) will be used for Open Play.

Club All Play

Open to all Club members of all skill levels. The format is drop-in; no registration on SUG is required. Play is organized using the paddle rack system. It is recommended members routinely change partners and play someone new - mix up and have fun.


This time is for Club members to practice drills. Visit SUG to sign-up for a specific time slot to practice your game skills.  Up to 4 people on one court. Drills are incredibly important and help players commit the proper pickleball mechanics to muscle memory. Rather than playing a game, players can focus on fundamentals such as footwork, positioning, shot selection (ground strokes, dinks, lobs, smashes, and volleys) and execution.

Event Night

Held on Wednesday evenings for same-skilled groups to organize whatever type of event they wish (ie – King of the Court, drills, round robin, mentoring round robin play or just general fun events).  The Round Robin Captains will decide, with their group members, as to what type of event they wish to hold.  A schedule assigning each group a Wednesday evening will be posted. Visit SUG to register.

Friday Night Social

Open to Club members of all skill levels. Visit SUG to register. Participants rotate each game to play someone new via the paddle rack system. Mix up and have fun!

King/Queen of the Court

Open to Club members. Visit SUG to register. Winners of each game advance towards Court #1 and change partners for the next game; the losers of each game drop down one court and change partners for the next game. More specifics will be provided at the start of the event. This program will be finalized later in the season. Come take the challenge! If no King/Queen of the Court events are scheduled, then the designated court(s) will be used for Open Play.

Ladies Round Robin

Open to women members of all skill levels. Visit SUG to register. The round robin or paddle rack format will be followed.

Mixed Doubles

Open to Club members of all skill levels. Visit SUG to register. Teams consist of one male and one female. You partner with the same person all evening but play different couples each game. The round robin or paddle rack format will be followed.

Open Play

Is a time when park residents who are not Silveridge Pickleball Club members, as well as their guests, may use the pickleball courts. Club members are also welcome to play during Open Play sessions. The format is drop-in; no registration on SUG is required. Courts are available on a first come – first served basis.

Partner Play

Open to Club members of all skill levels. Visit SUG to register as a single player. Each player will be assigned a partner for the duration of the event. The round robin or paddle rack format will be followed.

Round Robin

Open to Club members, who compete against players who are similarly skilled. Visit SUG to register. Round robin play or paddle rack format will be followed. For round robin format, players are assigned a number and play with and against a variety of other players.

Thursday Evening

Open to Club members. A range of skill levels are combined for play. Visit SUG to register. The round robin format will be followed, or players may select a different format of play.

Unused Courts

In the event one or more courts are not being used for a scheduled Club event or session, Club members are permitted to play on the unused court(s) on a first come – first served basis.