Our Clinics

The Silveridge Pickleball Club offers free clinics and mentorship to our membership.

Additional training costs are based on the cost to bring in a qualified trainer and will be paid for by the participating member.

Members will be invited to the clinics and lessons by way of Sign Up Genius.

Skills & Drills and Lessons

Introduction to Pickleball: For Beginners (Level 1.0 & 2.0) - click here to register.

Beginner (Level 1.0 & 2.0) and Intermediate Level (Level 2.5 & 3.0) sessions may be scheduled and available to Club members.

Examples of Skills & Drills and Lessons (typically 2 hours each):

Beginner Lesson

  1. Pickleball Fundamentals
  2. Dinking
  3. Forehand / Backhand Ground Strokes
  4. Serve and Return of Serve
  5. Volley
  6. No-volley Zone
  7. Basic Strategies

Intermediate Lesson

  1. Ready Position / Dinking
  2. Ground Strokes & Serve / Return of Serve
  3. Volley / Blocking / Punch Shot
  4. 3rd / 5th shot drop
  5. Lobs / Smash
  6. Basic Strategies

About our Instructors

The Instructors are highly skilled Silveridge Pickleball Club players who volunteer their time for the betterment of the members.


take your game
pickelball machine image

The Silveridge Pickleball Ball Machine

The Club has a ball machine, which can be booked and used for members to practice and develop their skills.

Click here to book and use the Pickleball Ball Machine

Pickleball Ball Machine Instructions - coming soon

Pickleball Tudor Features

Click on this link to visit the Pickleball Tudor Ball Machine: Video Playlist for drills to practice with the machine.