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Silveridge Pickleball Court Etiquette

  1. Good sportsmanship is the #one rule. Remember it is not about winning it is about having fun.
  2. During these COVID-19 times, please respect that everyone has different comfort levels.
  3. Wear your Silveridge RV Park name tag while playing pickleball.
  4. Pickleball is only a game. At “Club All Play” sessions (skill levels are mixed, and it is considered social play), players play with all skill levels without complaints.
  5. If you are crossing an active court to get onto a vacant court or to leave a court, wait until their current point is over. Ask them for permission to cross their court.
  6. When players are unequal in skill or physical limitations, avoid always hitting the ball to the lower skilled player just to score points. Play to both opponents and work on skills you need practice on.
  7. Tell your partner “I’m working on deep backhand returns today” and they know that will mean that you’re not trying to put every shot away. Saying this beforehand gives you a chance to gauge what your partner wants out of the game.
  8. Wait until everyone is ready and then call the score loudly before serving.
  9. NEVER smash a ball that is returned too high by the weaker player in social play; make a challenging return for the stronger opponent or give the weaker player another shot to try to get it down lower.
  10. ALWAYS compliment people on outstanding shots or on a really great point during the game.
  11. During these COVID-19 times, do not participate in tapping your paddles at the end of your game. Instead, use your paddle to wave at your opponents at the end of the game and say “thanks for the game”, while practicing social distancing.
  12. If the ball is out, and it’s on your side, call it out loudly and raise your arm to indicate it is out: palm flat or finger extended to show it is in. If you are unsure, it is IN!
  13. If you step into the kitchen on a volley call it on yourself. Be very cautious about calling the kitchen or serving faults on others – you should be watching the ball and not your opponent’s feet.
  14. Since we are playing a social game, please apologize if you swear, belch or break wind.
  15. Abusive language and negative behaviour will not be tolerated on or around the courts. NEVER yell at, swear at, or say a hostile or sarcastic word to your partner or your opponent. This makes everyone feel uncomfortable and it can make your partner feel like it’s their fault.
  16. Trash-talking, which is teasing your opponents in a fun and light-hearted way, is part of pickleball. But be careful – don’t trash-talk someone who is sensitive, who you don’t know, who is a lower skilled player. Don’t trash-talk someone’s physical or mental limitations, use racial or other politically incorrect statements. Please be careful.
  17. Spectators should quietly watch the games in play. Never ask for, or accept, line calls from spectators. If spectators continuously comment on the play itself, politely ask them not to comment on your game. It may become disruptive, argumentative, hostile and combative.
  18. Don’t give lessons on the court (unless they were agreed to by all beforehand) during regular play time.  Any observations should be one or two liners in order not to detract from the play. Let them work on that. Even if they ask, be very cautious.

Court Etiquette