August 15, 2022 Newsletter

Greetings Silveridge Pickleballers!

Just 75 days until the start of another season of pickleball at Silveridge.  November 1st will be here before you know it!  I’ve visited with many during the off-season via phone, text, email, and Zoom and the refrain is always  pretty much the same:  “Can’t wait to play again at Silveridge”.  

We Never Sit Still

The best pickleball club in eastern Phoenix is always moving forward.  As you’d expect, the Executive Committee has been meeting, planning and taking steps to make next season even better than last year.  The court schedule is being worked on and round robin play will begin on October 31st. Here is a future preview:


  • More tournaments
  • More ‘Skills and Drills’ sessions
  • Four Wednesday evenings during the season for your specific skill level to hold its own special event
  • Two sessions of “Glow in the Dark” pickleball (to insure everyone has a chance to participate)
  • Your Social Committee has a number of fun events planned including the resumption of our annual Christmas party and Friday evening socials

Round Robin competitive play – On a trial basis, with the intent of providing more players an opportunity to participate during each session, we are going to expand the number of players who can sign up for each session and shorten the time allotted for each round.  Also, and this is only on the drawing board at this time, we are contemplating adding one new skill level (a 3.25 group) in January.  A change like that would necessitate some major reshuffling but if our membership approaches or exceeds last season’s total the long-term benefits would far outweigh the short-term angst.

Facilities – There is no further news on the court space issue to report at this time, but it is exciting to share that management has acted on our request and replaced the horseshoe pits previously adjacent to the gazebo with pavers.  There will be tables and chairs (and hopefully umbrellas) similar to what are situated around the pool where pickleball players can congregate before, during and after games to relax, re-hydrate and socialize.

We’ve ordered a ceiling fan for the gazebo that management is installing for us.  And here is another bit of fun news: We are going to acquire a quality sound system that we can use to play music during special events (think “Pickleball Olympics”, Mixed Doubles and Ladies’ Night play, and maybe during an occasional or one weekly “All Play” session!).  The Renter’s Assn has offered to reimburse us for most if not all of that expense. They’ve been super supportive of our club for years and I urge you to join the Renter’s Assn again this year. It is only $5 per household.

Basket Raffles: Just a reminder to bring a few items for the 2022/2023 season’s basket raffles. You needn’t spend much, just bring something unique, consumable, or decorative. Our raffles help us buy equipment and pay for special events. Each year, they bring in more money than our annual dues. Betty Royal has graciously offered to chair the Raffle Committee again this coming season. Please drop your donations off to Betty at unit 374.

Wrap Up

That’s it for now. I trust I’ve whetted your appetite for another season of Silveridge pickleball. Stay safe and stay out of the kitchen (when you are on the court).  I’ll see you soon!

Mike Savre

Executive  Committee:  Mike Savre, President; Bonnie Arbez, 1st Vice-President; Barry Halpenny, 2nd Vice-President; Jim Barker, Treasurer; Donna Stensrud, Communications Officer; Julie Nosko, Secretary.

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