Pickleball Federation of the Americas

Pickleball Federation of the Americas

Tony Casey, Global Affairs, Pickleball Canada

Since the fall of 2021, Canada has been actively working with the United States and many other countries to get pickleball unified at the continental and global levels.

The unification of our great sport will:

  • help pickleball gain entry into the Olympics, Pan Americans and other major games.
  • result in the sharing of resource materials, best practices and tournament opportunities among nations
  • strengthen & formalize the critical relationship between Pickleball Canada and the USA Pickleball.

On April 20, 2023 Canada, the US and Mexico launched the Pickleball Federation of The Americas.  The PFA is growing steadily and has now added Peru, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Panama, as well as “Caribbean region”.  Discussions are underway with Argentina, Brazil, and other countries as they prepare their applications for PFA membership.

The Americas Championship is taking place from November 26 to December 2nd in Los Cabos, Mexico.  Details on this open tournament will be shared through Pickleball Canada to as they are released in early August. It is the first sanctioned event of Pickleball Federation of the Americas with an anticipated 350 players.

Source: Pickleball Canada Scoop - August 2, 2023


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