Pickleball is Suspended

January 16, 2021 Update

Due to a recent mini-surge of Covid-19 cases in Silveridge the Pickleball Club is suspending all club-organized play through the end of January, 2021.  All of the organized play from January 18 to January 31 has been deleted from SignUpGenius (SUG). Club All Play, Round Robins, Ladies’ Night and Mixed Doubles will all resume on Monday, February 1st unless you hear otherwise and SUG invites will begin again.

These kinds of decisions are not easy for the Silveridge Pickleball Club Executive Committee. We discussed the issue, however, and have unanimously agreed a short “time out” from large-group pickleball events is a wise move.  (FYI - the Tennis Club has also suspended activities until the end of the month.)

This is a Pickleball Club decision, not a directive from park management.  But if the number of Covid-19 cases in the park continue to grow we can’t rule out that possibility. It is our hope that suspending play for two weeks will help keep you safe, aid in curbing the mini-surge occurring in the park, and reduce the risk of management closing the courts completely.

You are not barred from organizing your own games, which you can do by using SUG for the Open Play and Arrange Your Own Game to book court times. Click here to book a court. Just remember to follow the safety protocols posted on the gates to the pickleball courts.  Those guidelines haven’t changed: (1) don’t play if you are feeling ill or were recently exposed to a person you know or suspect has the virus; (2) only pair up with people from your household or your ‘trusted circle/bubble’; (3) wash your hands and sanitize your pickleball equipment before and after play; (4) touch the pickleball with your hand as little as possible; and (5) remain a safe distance from others at all times. From my perspective, that last recommendation is the one that seems to be the most difficult for many.  Our club is filled with friendly people and, admittedly, it just feels awkward chatting with someone while standing six plus feet apart.  You could also wear a mask between games while standing around the court with other players. Either way, it is for the best – for you and for them.


Mike Savre,

2020-21 Club President

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