President’s Message February 8, 2024

Greetings Pickleballers!

We just passed the half-way mark of what is shaping up to be the best season of pickleball we’ve ever experienced here at Silveridge.  Here is a snippet of all that is still to come:

Casino/Bingo Night – Is this Saturday, February 10th from 6-9 PM.  Over 220 tickets ($25) have already been sold but there are still a few left.  You can purchase a ticket at the Activities Office or at the door of the event (if not sold out at 300). The event is a fundraiser co-hosted with the Tennis Club. Wear a costume or come casual. But do join us if you can. It is going to be a fun evening!

Tournaments – Within the past two weeks the 3 and 4+ groups held their annual tournaments. The competitors had a great time, and the numerous spectators were treated to excellent play and entertaining matches both days. If your group’s tournament has yet to be played you still have time to register via your personal Sign-Up Genius page. Be part of the action – you’ll be glad you did. A list of all the tournament dates can be found on our website under “Events”. Here is the link: Events – Silveridge Pickleball Club

King/Queen of the Court Contests – Just as much fun as our tournaments are the King/Queen of the Court events held at various times every year.  The group 1 & 2’s are playing at 1 PM on February 18th and the 3.25’s will be playing that same day at 3 PM. Come watch if you aren’t playing.  The date and time for your group’s King/Queen of the Court event can be found on our website under “Events”.  Here is the link:  Events – Silveridge Pickleball Club

More Clinics and Opportunities to Improve Your Game – David Ott will continue to hold clinics open to all levels at 4 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can also sign-up to practice on the ball machine under the watchful eyes of Rick Dill and Joe Creedon.  Check your personalized page on Sign-Up Genius, the sign-up or visit our comprehensive website for the dates and times of future clinics if you want to take your game up a notch.

Courts Closed – Just a reminder that the pickleball courts will be closed on Friday, February 16 from 2 PM to 3 PM while the SR Band plays during the on the green event. The second date is Friday, February 23, courts 5 to 8 will be closed from 9 AM to 12 PM during a tennis event. Thank you for your cooperation.

Let’s Play Bingo –The Renter’s Association has provided financial funding to the Club on numerous occasions. With those funds we have purchased several items, which have improved the Club. Therefore, we ask our pickleball players (and spouse/significant other) to support the bingo fund and the Renter’s Association by playing bingo on Wednesday, March 6th.  Visit to register to play bingo and represent the Club.

2024 Annual General Meeting – This year’s meeting will be held Saturday, March 2 starting at 4:30 PM with pizza to follow ($5 per person).  There will be a pickleball social event at the courts beforehand from 1 pm to 3 PM. If you will be attending the annual meeting, I ask that you register on Sign-Up Genius and make sure you indicate whether you are signing up for one person or two.  We need an accurate head count to insure we order enough food for the meal!

At this year’s annual general meeting the Executive Committee will be recommending several minor revisions to our Club’s By-Laws.  Copies of the proposed revisions will be available at the meeting and can also be accessed ahead of time on our website by clicking this link: Club By-laws & Policies – Silveridge Pickleball Club

Below is an up-to-date list of the persons who have been nominated to serve on the Executive Committee in 2024-25 and the offices they’ve been nominated to fill.  If you would like to run for a position on the Executive Committee you need to notify a member of this year’s Nominating Committee (Jim Barker, Lot #53 or Sharon Beauchamp, Lot #317) by Friday, February 16, 2024.  All members of the Club are eligible to be officers. A slate of candidates will be posted at the courts.

Officer Position



Donna Stensrud

1st Vice-President

Julie Nosko

2nd Vice-President

Tom Droulliard


Debbie Nelson


Kendra Jensen

Communications Officer

Kathy Port

Please make an effort to attend this year’s meeting. In addition to electing officers and revisiting our By-Laws the Executive Committee will be giving their reports and the membership will be asked to vote on the dues structure for next season. The annual general meeting is also the time to recognize all those who have so freely volunteered their time and talents for the benefit of our Club.  Finally, the meeting is the time to talk about what our Club is doing well and what we could be doing better.  To that end, your input is both welcomed and needed.

Sadly, after a four-year stint as President, this will be the last newsletter I author.  I will be stepping down following the Annual General Meeting along with two true champions of this wonderful club: Barry Halpenny (7 years on the Executive Committee) and Bonnie Arbez (4 years on the Executive Committee).  The oft-used phrase “it’s been an honor and privilege” seems understated. So, I will close by mimicking one of our most cheerful members and go with “It’s been awesome possum, dagnabbit!”  It truly has!

Mike Savre

Executive Committee:  Mike Savre, President; Bonnie Arbez, 1st Vice-President; Barry Halpenny, 2nd Vice-President; Donna Stensrud, Communications Officer; Julie Nosko, Secretary; and Debbie Nelson, Treasurer.

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