President’s Message March 27 2024

March 27, 2024

This message was sent via email to everyone who was a member during the 2023/2024 season.

Hello Everyone,

Another successful and event-filled season is coming to an end. THANK YOU, everyone, for your contributions. I hope you will be back again next season. Until then, I wish you safe travels and a summer of good health.

Thank you to everyone who completed the Member Survey at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee will be reviewing the comments this summer.

Tom Drouillard and Barry Halpenny have met with the Round Robin Captains for an end-of-the-season feedback session. Thank you again to everyone who filled the role of a Round Robin Captain during the 2023/2024 season.  

Thank you to everyone who donated items for the basket raffle fundraising events and volunteered to sell tickets. This season we made approximately $2200. Don’t forget to shop this summer for unique items from your hometown and bring back to contribute to next season's baskets.

The Social Committee organized six successful and fun social events. The season-ending BBQ and volunteer appreciation event was well attended on Saturday, March 23. Following the event many members played a few pickleball games as well. Thank you to the Social Committee and the many volunteers who made this season’s events take place. 

A milestone in our membership was accomplished this year. We surpassed last season's total of 277 members. Thank you to Anne Bothwell for submitting a membership form to become the 300th member. 81 of the 300 members were new to our club. Out of the 300 members, only approximately 14 were members for 14 days or less.  Approximately 26 were members for less than 30 days. 

Current and past executive committee members and a group of volunteers continue to work on installing the new pickleball club shed. Tom Carli has graciously volunteered to lead the project with electrical installation, preparing the site, installing the new shed and building shelves and organizing the inside where we can house all our club-owned items.

We are told that during the summer, new fencing between the courts 1 to 4 will be installed to replace the current net fencing. Netting to separate tennis courts from pickleball courts 5-8 will be considered. Gazebo 2 beside the mini golf will be cleaned up and reorganized with the consultation of Bob Quaintance (volunteer organizer of the mini golf area).

The Executive Committee will be meeting often during the off-season to continue our plans for the new shed and equipment requirements, reorganize Gazebo 2 area, develop a 2024-25 court schedule, organized play programs (round robins, mixed doubles, ladies league, etc.), clinic and tournament dates, social events, etc.  If you wish to make a suggestion, feel free to contact the Executive Committee at

Organized play ends on Friday, April 5 and Sign-Up Genius will no longer be available to reserve court time. There will still be plenty of opportunity to satiate your appetite. We will follow this schedule:

  • All-Play - this will occur until 11 AM every day.  Participants must use the paddle rack, but if four people wish to play together they can cluster all their paddles together on either the winner's or non-winner’s side of the paddle rack;
  • Ladies' Night (Mondays at 6 PM) - The two northerly courts (#1 and #2) will be reserved for women. The ladies may use Court 3 and/or Court 4 as long as no other players wish to use them. The ladies shall use the paddle rack system to determine teammates;
  • At all other times – All Silveridge residents are free to arrange their games on a first come basis.  If all eight courts are in use (or if you are playing under the lights any evening) please limit your play to two consecutive games if others are waiting to play;
  • Practicing - Practice sessions must end after twenty minutes if all four courts are in use and others are waiting to play. If you practice for twenty minutes and then wish to play you must clear the court and await your turn if others are waiting for a court. 

This information will be printed out and placed on the sandwich boards by the courts.

PRESIDENT'S CUP – For the third consecutive year, Mike Savre will put on a super fun event again this year:

  • Sunday evening, April 7th, at 6:30 pm for anyone currently a 1-3 player;
  • Monday evening, April 8th, at 6:30 pm for anyone currently a 3.25 to 4+ player;
  • We will again use a "King/Queen of the Hill" format consisting of 6 qualifying 10-minute-long games and an extra championship game, between the final 4 players. The winning team will be awarded a prestigious coffee mug as a reminder of their pickleball prowess;
  • A sign-up sheet for both events will be posted court-side beginning Monday, April 1st. Each event requires 8 (the minimum), 12 or 16 players (the maximum) but up to 18 players may sign-up. Extra players shall be considered alternates in the order they sign up. Anyone with questions can contact Mike Savre who will again be hosting both events.

Kathy Port made a video to capture our 2023/2024 season. Click on the link to enjoy the YouTube video:  Silveridge Pickleball 2023 2024

Don’t forget to visit our website any time:

I look forward to keeping you updated through more newsletters this summer.

Donna Stensrud  

Executive Committee:  Donna Stensrud, President; Julie Nosko, 1st Vice-President; Tom Droulliard, 2nd Vice-President; Kendra Jensen, Secretary; Debbie Nelson, Treasurer; and Kathy Port, Communications Officer.

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