Having Time Zone Issues in SignUpGenius?

You logged into your SignUpGenius account to view the “Items I’ve Signed Up For” and/or “Sign Ups I’ve Been Invited To” and it shows a different time zone!? Huh!

The issue is your SignUpGenius account setting is set to a different time zone than the invites sent to you from Silveridge Pickleball.

Here are the instructions to change the time zone setting of your SignUpGenius account profile so it reflects the same time zone as the sign ups and invites. Log into your SignUpGenius account and:

  • Click on the white circle on the upper right side of the account page “My Sign Ups & Settings”
  • Next, click on the “Date & Time” tab
  • Select “Mountain” for the Time Zone
  • Select “MT-Arizona or Phoenix” for the Region
  • Remember to select Update Settings to save any changes
SUG image

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