Farewell To Allan LePoudre

We want to express a heartfelt thank you to Allan LaPoudre who recently tendered his resignation from the Executive Committee as Secretary. Allan has been a Member of the Club and Executive Committee for years and has been instrumental in many of the Club's accomplishments and improvements.  Alan and his wife, Lorna, are going to give FL a try this year. They will be dearly missed.

The Silveridge Pickleball Executive Committee

2 thoughts on “Farewell To Allan LePoudre”

  1. The club will miss Al & all he did! & You were most welcoming when I joined the executive in 2016….Thankyou Al !!

  2. Hi Rich
    I haven’t opened up the Silveridge Pickleball Club news site until now. Thank you for your comments.
    It came up quite sudden but the fact I couldn’t play pickleball anymore pretty much made our decision.
    We wanted to do other things during the winter. We’re going to Florida this month.
    Say hello to everybody.

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