Newsletter – November 30, 2019

Hello Folks,

Well Shelley and I made it here safely last Thursday despite the fact that the weatherman tried to make it as miserable a trip as he could giving us snow sleet and rain the entire 2 ½ day trip.  Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is raring to wear that meal off at the pickleball courts.

I want to take this opportunity to update you on a couple items.

First, we currently have 125 members, which is about 20 more than this time last year.  This number changes daily as John Faktor receives more membership envelops daily.  Just a heads up for anyone contemplating moving up to another division in the round robins: now is the time to give it a try.  None of the divisions are full so if you want to try a higher division just come out as per the round robin schedule and give it a try.  Just a reminder to anyone playing pickleball and hasn't paid their annual dues, please do so ASAP.  It is only $10 and it isn't fair to others who have paid if you are playing and haven't paid.  Also we strongly recommend that you pay the $5 Renters Association fee as well.  This Renters Association has paid out thousands of dollars to our local clubs to help facilitate the various activities, so the $5 is money well spent.

Don't forget our Christmas potluck party on December 14th.  So far only a hand full of members has signed up on the bulletin board adjacent to the Activities Office in the centre.  This is always a great time had by all.

We have a “Club Rewards Program” that we initiated last year.  You can order pickleball equipment at “Pickleball Central” and use the discount code “CRSilveridge” to receive a 5% discount on your order.  In addition, any purchase that you make will automatically give our club the same 5% discount in a credit.  I didn't see very many members using this last year but it is there if you are interested in ordering online.

We have 4 paddles for sale, all elongated: 2 Maxima composite paddles - one is new for $65 the other is a demo for $35.  The other two are Maxima ampeds, which are both demos - one is a lightweight for $50, the other a mid-weight for $35.  These are all reduced prices. Visit me at lot #49 if you’re interested in purchasing a paddle.

Last but not least, since arriving I noticed a couple of times the equipment (mainly balls and the sleeves they are stored in) was left on the courts.  Please be sure to place the equipment back in the storage locker if you are the last group to use them and lock up.  If you finish playing a round robin and the next group scheduled to play doesn't show up, please put the equipment back in the storage locker.

If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact myself or any other member of our executive and be sure to enjoy the game.

See you on the courts.

Dave Etienne


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