Newsletter – October 8, 2019

Hi Folks:

Winter is fast approaching, particularly in some of the west regions BIG TIME! We are all thinking about heading south to sunny Silveridge to see the new renovations. I therefore thought that this would be a good time to issue the first news letter to greet all Pickleball Players for the 2019/2020 season.

I am very happy to announce that we now have a Web Page. This was started over a year ago by George Burnes and his son and this spring, Donna Stensrud volunteered to champion this project. If you go to you will witness a very professional job done by Donna. You can find information on our club, court schedules, how to play the game, club news, events, pictures, etc. Thank you Donna for the excellent work completed this summer.

On a sad note, we will not be getting any more court space this season. Management has decided not to provide any additional courts for our membership, so we will have to make do with the four existing courts.

As you prepare to head south, once again, please consider bringing something from your area to contribute to a basket for our basket raffles. This has proven to be a great source of revenue for our club. Jill Vokes has agreed to chair the group of volunteers who will be organizing this project for this coming season. She is located at unit #345 and her email address is

Plastic bottle collection will start Sunday, October 27th, using “Sign Up Genius.” George Burnes hopes to issue the sign up schedule before he heads south on October 24th. So if you want to sign up before then, you can email George at

We plan to start Round Robbin play, using Sign Up Genius, Monday, November 4th.

I have just about completed modifying four skills & drills pickleball clinics that we will conduct this season, starting in December. I will send them to Donna to include in our Web Page before the end of October. Any volunteers interested in helping me out with conducting these clinics can contact me at

Membership dues will remain the same this year at $10.00 per member. John Faktor, our treasurer, will collect the dues. You can also give your dues to any executive member. We strongly encourage all members to pay the $5.00 Renter’s Association fee directly to the Renter’s Association. This group has provided financial funding to our club on numerous occassions. John Faktor is located at lot #565 and his email address is

Barry Halpenny, our vice president, is currently working on a revised court schedule for this season. He plans to issue it by the end of October so that everyone can organize their pickleball time with the other Silveridge activties.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of this year’s executive, Barry Halpenny, Rich Wilcott, John Faktor and Allen LePoudre, to wish you safe travels back to Silveridge.

Dave Etienne,


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