President’s Message- March 18, 2019

March 18, 2019

To: The Silveridge Pickleball Club Membership

Questions were raised at our recent annual general meeting regarding qualifications of paid up pickleball club members.  The following is the interpretation agreed upon by your executive.

A resident in Silveridge Park, that pays his or her annual membership (currently $10.00), is entitled to vote at general membership meetings and is entitled to play in their perspective group round robins.   A guest, residing in Silveridge Park who pays the annual $10.00 fee, does not vote at the general membership meetings and can play at a round robin only if that group is short of players at that particular time.  They do not sign up by Sign Up Genius, but they can attend the round robin with the hope that the signed up group is short of players.

AT NO TIME can a person staying as a guest at a Silveridge residence for a short period of time, pay the $10.00 membership fee, leave and reside at a different location outside Silveridge Park and travel back to Silveridge Park during the day and play pickleball during membership times or vote at membership meetings.

We sincerely hope that this explanation clarifies any misunderstandings.


Dave Etienne, President of Silveridge Pickleball Club

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