President’s Message – October 23, 2021

Greetings Silveridge Pickleballers:

It's time.......... time for another season of sun and fun in the heart of AZ!!  If pickleball is on your personal '21-'22 bucket list you won't be disappointed.  We have events planned to fulfill everyone's pickleball bucket no matter your degree of passion or level of skill.

Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Upon arrival, complete your '21-22 membership form and place it in the drop box affixed to the steps at Jim and Nancy Barker's residence (Unit #53).  Remember to include your $15 seasonal club fee. Membership forms are located in the box hanging on the south fence that surrounds the pickleball courts or can be accessed on-line at our top-rated website.
  2. Two pickleballs are not included with your membership this season.  We did that last year because of Covid-19 concerns.  This year, as in the past, there will be pickleballs at the courts for your use during all club-scheduled events. If you would like to buy some pickleballs (Franklin X-40's) for personal use during privately organized play or when away from Silveridge, they can be purchased from Jim Barker (Unit #53) or Mike Savre (Unit #323) at the bargain rate of 2/$5 (limit of 4 per person).
  3. Organized club events begin on November 1st.  The schedule is posted in two places: the big bulletin board outside of court #3 and the small bulletin board in the gazebo adjacent to court #1.  The schedule is also viewable on and printable from our website. The schedule will change starting January 1st and could change even sooner if enough players have arrived at Silveridge to justify holding round robins for each skill level. Any scheduling changes will be posted courtside as well as noted on our website.
  4. Starting November 1st, you are required to sign up for all Club-sponsored events except 'All-Play." We will continue to use Sign Up Genius (SUG) for that purpose. Again, I refer you to our website if you need a refresher on utilizing SUG.

Before signing off I want to express a heartfelt thank you to Allan LaPoudre who recently tendered his resignation from the Executive Committee as Secretary. Allan has been a Member of the Club and executive Committee for years and has been instrumental in many of the Club's accomplishments and improvements.  Alan and his wife, Lorna, are going to give FL a try this year. They will be dearly missed.

I drove through the front gate less than 48 hours ago and can tell those who have yet to arrive that the enthusiasm around here for the coming season is palpable! I see no reason this won't be the best year ever for pickleball at Silveridge pickleball. Help prove me right!

Keep it between the lines - on the road and on the court!  -Mike Savre

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