Newsletter – Mar 3, 2019

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Tomorrow the invitation from signup genius for the Group 1 in house tournament and the invitation for the combined Group 2.0 and 2.5 in house tournament are being sent out. Sign up as soon as possible because if the numbers become an issue we will be choosing players on a first come first serve basis. Remember this is a fun, competitive in house tournament. Players will be from the group you normally play with in Round Robins. We are hoping members will take advantage of the opportunity to play in a tournament. Note the deadline dates so you aren’t disappointed. If you don’t receive the invite get a hold of me with your intentions. Barry has put information about the tournament at the courts.

The final opportunity to submit any changes to the Agenda for the General Meeting has passed. The executive was not notified of any changes so we will be going with the original Agenda.

The final opportunity for executive nominations has also passed. The nomination committee will now submit their information to the executive.

The final opportunity to make changes to the proposed bylaws has also passed. The executive was presented with a question about the wording in the by laws regarding ( renters and owners ). It was pointed out that all residents are renters and no one in the park is an owner. Owners of park models still rent a lot in the park. Because of this notification, the clause in the by laws will now read “of the park” or “resident of the park”. These changes are in the new set of bylaws I am attaching below, which we will be voting on.

Julie has done a great job selling our demo paddle inventory. There are only four paddles left and they are all the same shape “maxim” (the oval shape). I now have the remaining paddles if any one is interested in purchasing a paddle. Lot #289.

This Saturday is the last Market Day in the park. Wanda could use some help manning the raffle table. If you haven’t had a chance to help at the table this year, this would be a great opportunity to volunteer. 8:30 – 12:30. Get back to me or email Wanda at

The other exciting news is that Annette our activity director wants to have another fun day all play. So this Saturday March 9th, we will have our final fun day all play 1:30 – 3:30. Bring a snack if you wish and your own beverages.

The General Meeting is this Saturday March 9th at 4:00 – 5:30 with dinner to follow. Our final order / numbers for food will go in tomorrow.

Tournament update: Mike and Nancy Prentice won gold at Casa Grande. I want to believe the practice time they had with our members in the club was what put them over the top. congrats kids.

Larry, President

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