President’s Message – Jan 19, 2019

With the ongoing problem of having only four courts and with a growing membership, the executive has looked at revising the round robin schedule to allow more members to participate in round robins. What we propose is to introduce two more “groups” enabling us to reduce the number of players in each group. This would allow a better opportunity for players to be able to get into group round robins.

The “club” is reserving two courts on Friday from 2:00 – 4:00 for Silveridge Pickleball Club members registered to play in tournaments while they are in Arizona. The executive feels this would be beneficial for club members to prepare for tournaments.

The executive is working to make the schedule and group changes as seamless as possible. We are moving forward with the club’s well being and growth in mind. The executive will also be exploring other avenues for more courts with park management.


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