President’s Message – Jan 28, 2019

Good morning,

As we have mentioned in the past, the executive has felt there is a need to allow more members an opportunity to be able to partake in our clubs round robins. Due to the growth of the club, lack of court space and the large number of members in each group, we have created two more groups with smaller numbers in each of our groups allowing more members to signup and for better competition in round robin play.

I feel some clarity on how we as an executive perceive the system that we use works. We use the word “Group” to allow us to combine equally skilled players so we can manage court time. “Groups” should not be discerned as a way to measure your skill level. There are two ways of measuring your skill level. First you can enter USAPA (United States Pickleball Association) or CPO (Canadian Pickleball Organization) sanctioned tournaments and depending on your results, a skill level is given to you. This would give you an official ranking. Secondly, a self evaluation of meeting certain criteria to qualify for level designation. This self guided evaluation is on the USAPA website. The suggestion is that if you can check off all the skills in that level you would have an idea of where your skill level would rank. We feel our skills and drills program are an important part of the members skill development and that is why we encourage members to participate. Also you as a member can work on skills while you are playing. We do keep score in our games, but we suggest that your goal should be to work on the skills that you need and to have an enjoyable game with the other three members on the court.

A couple of new things to explain on the new court schedule are:
Group 1 All Play: Because of the large number in the group we felt that the group would be better served by having an open all play system. Group 1 would still be getting invitations from signup genius but would not have to sign up, just show up.

A system would be in place to play and rotate more members into the designated time slot. Executive members will be there for the first week of operation to assist in setting up the group play.

Registered tournament players members only: This designation for two courts is for members of our club that are “registered” to play in tournaments in Arizona. Two courts in this time slot are also available for club play.

I will be posting a list of the membership by groups and the new court schedule in the Gazebo on Monday Jan.28th and you will be receiving your invitations for the new schedule starting Tuesday Jan.29th.

Note all invites are the day after your round robin between 7:15 and 7:45 for the following week. New schedule starts Monday Feb. 4th. New schedule attached below.

The executive and George have been working hard on this project and hope that the transition will be seamless.


Copy of pickleballcourtschedule2019 (4)

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