Update – Jan 30, 2019

Couple of things to update you on:
* This Thursday Jan. 31st the Silveridge Ball teams are having a BBQ get together at the Gazebo. They will require the use of the Gazebo and grass area starting at noon. Any Club play can be organized from the other end.
* Julie has paddles to try if any one is interested. See her or visit her at lot#613.
* A reminder that any one who hasn’t paid their Renter’s Association Dues to pay. This is a valuable Association in our park.
*Attached below is a copy of the the last skills and drills program of the year. Dave is looking for instructors/volunteers. Any one that can help in these valuable clinics get in touch with Dave. detienne@mymts.net. You will be getting your groups invitations via signup genius. First sixteen per clinic.
* Any group that would like to have an informal get together after one of their round robins, notify me and I can send out an email to your group. Last week the 3.5 group met after their round robin at the pool for some bevies, snacks and lots of laughs. Not just the round robin participants were invited any one in the group and their spouse were invited to join after the games. It is a nice way to socialize off the court.
* Remember to lock the club locker every time you are in and out of it.
* Just a reminder. Now that visitors are starting to visit our friends here in the park, the club does have rules regarding them playing on the courts.
To play on club time which is all play and round robins, a visitor would have to purchase a $10 membership. Visitors would be able to play for free on Resident and guest times outlined by the court schedule.



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