President’s Message – Nov 11, 2018

Hello to the ”lucky” ones that are at Silveridge and for those that are planning their trip to Silveridge,

Things are getting organized for Silveridge Pickleball. There has been some challenges as the internet has not been co-operating. Apparently now it seems things are up and running and communication will be back on track.   Continue to watch your signup genius accounts for round robin signups and for bottle pickup signups.

The Silveridge Pickleball Club has signed into Pickle Centrals Club Rewards Program. This is at no charge to the club. This is how it works.

A discount code that is provided will allow members 5% off everything purchased from   Another 5% of the purchase price goes into a “club fund”. Over the year, 5% of every purchase that uses our code will go into the club’s fund.

In February  Pickleball Central will send the club a gift certificate for the value of whatever is in the club fund from the previous year. The club can in turn use these funds to purchase equipment for the club.

The discount code:  crsilveridge.

When checking out, simply type in our club’s unique discount code in the coupon box, hit the “apply” button ( make sure you hit the apply button ) and you”ll see 5% of the bill disappear.

Use this new program for your convenience. If you have any questions drop me a line and I’ll try and help.

Hope everyone is doing well. Susan and I are looking forward to seeing you at Silveridge.


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